Governor O’Malley To Wade In Polluted Waters To Illustrate Need For Septic Leg.

8 Mar

March 7, 2011

Governor to wade in pollution as part of septic pushAs prospects dim for an overhaul this year of the state’s septic system laws, Gov. Martin O’Malley is trying a new approach: He’s going in.

Aides to the Democratic governor announced today that O’Malley will wade into a polluted lake Wednesday on the Eastern Shore to highlight the ills of septic systems.

O’Malley has been pushing to curb septic pollution by banning such systems in new large-scale developments. But the leader of the House of Delegates committee considering his proposal suggested a study instead. Del. Maggie McIntosh, a Baltimore Democrat, said she was concerned that a ban would disproportionately affect counties where most housing is built with on-site sewage treatment.

The water works will take place Wednesday afternoon on Lake Bonnie in Goldsboro, where “high bacteria levels have been linked to failing septic systems,” according to the adminsitration’s release.

O’Malley spokesman Shaun Adamec says this is no toe-dip. He’ll be donning fisherman-like waders and going “far enough to make the point.”

In the release, the administration says 411,00 of the 426,000 septic systems in the state are on residential parcels. Goldsboro, it says, “has suffered from more than a decade with the problems of septic systems, and the town has endured water pollution and financial and legal difficulties as a result.”


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